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These FAQs are here to provide helpful information for users who are unsure of what Easy Website In A Box actually is.
If you are unable to find what you are looking for you can contact us via the live chat button in the navigation bar.

It’s easy! We’ve developed a program that enables you to set up your website in just three simple steps.

  1. Activate your code via this website
  2. Register your details
  3. Choose a theme

And just like that you have a website!

A domain name is just another term for a website's address. For example, '' is a domain name.

For people to be able to access your website online, it needs to be hosted by a server. Servers are large computers dedicated to keeping websites connected to the interent. Hosting is the process of keeping your website connected to the interent.

During the registration process you will be promted to type in you desired domain name. You will then be told on screen whether it's available or not.

Yes, you can. Other domain types include .com, .org, .net, .biz,, and .in.

You can easily specify your desired domain type from the Dashboard when you register your domain. Be advised however, once selected you can't change your domain type, so choose carefully.

Both editions EWIAB include access to our online features store, where you can purchase useful add-ons to enchance your website and your business. If you're in need of extra email addresses or extra web pages, it's simple to purchase these from the Feature Store.

There are also many add-ons available, including tools to launch email and text campaigns, accountancy software to help on top of your expenses, galleries full of professional photos to adcd that finishing touch to your website, and much more.

Yes, absolutely! Easy Website In A Box is fully responsive, meaning you can use it on any device with a internet connection. So use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. And there is no software to install, so you can jump from one device to another anytime.

There is no difference. EWIAB is cloud-based, meaning there is no software to download or install from a disk; all you need is an activation code. Some people like to have a physical copy of their activation code while others prefer a convenient digital download - so we provide both.

The online shop feature is exclusive to the Deluxe Edition.

No you don’t have to have an online shop if you purchase the Deluxe Edition. But the option is there for you when you are ready to use it.

Yes, you can. Just click on the ‘Upgrade’ button located in the Features Store.

Easy Website In A Box comes with FREE website protection. The website is protected by the world's leader in website security - McAfee SECURE. They scan your complete website daily for viruses and spam stopping them in their tracks. McAfee SECURE is a Enterprise level website protection security, one of the best available today.

In order to purchase any edition of EWIAB, you will need to pay annually as we do not accept monthly instalments. It’s £49 per year for the Standard Edition and £89 per year for the Deluxe Edition.

If you still need to contact us, you can chat to our support team via LIVE CHAT when the green icon is showing; or else leave us a message when the red icon is displayed, and we will get back to you as soon as possible – or you can fill in the form below.


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